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Portable Coolers

Port-a-Cool is a practical, low cost solution that lowers temperature 7-10 degrees Celsius using tap water and 115 volts. Great for construction, industrial sites, restaurant patios, stables, workshops,
green houses, sports fields and other outdoor events, virtually anywhere cooling is required and traditional air conditioning is cost prohibitive. Our models cool from 500 to 4000 square feet with ease of operation and little to no maintenance.

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About Us

Cantherm is a North American based distributor of both indirect-fired portable heaters and portable evaporative coolers. We offer the most complete line of portable heaters in the industry while Port-a-Cool brings an affordable solution for eliminating heat and uncomfortable temperatures.

With an inventory of related accessories, 24 / 7 parts and tech support, Cantherm is the professional choice. Since 1995 Cantherm has established a reputation for quality and service in a variety of markets including the military, construction, and rental industries. Its distribution warehouse in Winnipeg, Canada perfectly positions it for efficient distribution throughout the continent.

Cantherm is a Gregorash Aviation company: www.GregorashAviation.com

Portable Heaters

With a product lineup ranging from 113,000 BTU to 900,000 BTU, Arcotherm Heaters by Cantherm provide clean air solutions for a variety of applications. From larger construction sites to the smaller
project, we have a model to suit any need. Arcotherm heaters are available with several fuel options, ducting, adapters and tune-up kits. All Arcotherm Heaters are CSA approved. Arcotherm by Cantherm are professional quality heaters built to keep customers working regardless of the weather.


Arcotherm Heaters:
EC Phoen Jumbo

Indirect-Fired Portable Heaters

EC Series

Fire 155

Phoen Series

Jumbo Series


Service First

We pride ourselves in 24 / 7 sales and technical service.  Here’s what our customers say:

"I deal with hundreds of different vendors in all types of industries. My purchasing experience with Cantherm Distributors has renewed my faith that customer service still exists. There are very few companies in today's world that bend over backwards the way Cantherm does. Thanks Cantherm!"

- Richard Hellyer, Mechanical Technologist, National Research Council


560 Marjorie Street, Winnipeg, Canada R3H 0S9 | toll free: 1.800.661.WARM (9276) | local: 1.204.772.0800 | fax: 204.772.0600 | info@canthermheaters.com